Indiana Jones 5 Coming July 19, 2019!

Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg aren't ready to put Indy in a museum yet.

I for one thought Indiana Jones belonged in a museum - the series had three stellar entries in the eighties that now sit as blockbuster classics, but the Part Four That Shall Not Be Named seemed to undercut any chases of Indy having much of a cinematic future. Well, we said the same thing about Star Wars and look where we are now; in what is presumably Phase Two of Disney's plan to rule the world (well, the box office) with their acquisition of Lucasfilm, the company has just announced plans not only for an Indiana Jones 5, but an Indiana Jones 5 starring Harrison Ford and directed by Steven Spielberg (George Lucas is conspicuously absent from screenwriting duties). OK, so it was somewhat inevitable Dr. Jones would come out retirement eventually, and a fifth entry has been rumoured on-and-off ever since Disney bought up the character alongside Star Wars, but this is still pretty shocking news. Ford is back, meaning a septuagenarian Indy. That's certainly a more attractive proposition than it was hot off the heels of Crystal Skull - he definitely seemed to care about The Force Awakens, even if it was only because he knew he wouldn't need to come back for Episode VIII - although I do wonder how they'll handle the action; CGI and Shia LaBeouf are out of the question after the last one. As someone who thinks Raiders Of The Lost Ark is one of the greatest films ever made, colour me excited - a return of the two key creatives (and the two who didn't want aliens in the fourth one, no less) is definitely a must for a new entry, so we're off to a good start. Don't mess this up (again).

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