Indiana Jones 5: Everything We Know So Far

Maybe he should search for the Fountain of Youth this time.


Indiana Jones will be returning for another crack of the whip, more than a decade on from his infamous escapades in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Disney, which acquired the rights to Indy when it bought Lucasfilm in 2013, has confirmed plans to revive the fedora-wearing archaeologist in 2020.

It's only fair that Doctor Jones is given the chance to redeem himself after the computerised monkey-infested travesty that was Crystal Skull, even though he'll be pushing 80 years old by the time the film arrives.

The Last Crusade wrapped things up so beautifully, only for the fridge-nuking fourth instalment to blow the trilogy eight ways from Sunday 20 years later.

There were strong rumours that Disney was on the verge of flicking the reboot switch on Indy, but with all of the usual suspects signed up for the fifth outing, that's an avenue we won't be going down... at least not yet.

Indiana Jones is yet to find its subtitle, but our lead actor and director are in place and Disney's top brass have spilled a bean or two about the project.

Fortunately there're no crystal skills, nuke-proof fridges or CG monkeys in sight so far.


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