Indiana Jones Trilogy Quiz: True Or False?

May the force be with... no wait that's the other one.

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Indiana Jones has to rank pretty high on the list of beloved '80s film franchises... only the '80s, there were no movies after that...

While Kingdom of the Crystal Skull's reputation may tarnish what had been a fantastic franchise up til that point, at least we'll always have the original trilogy and all of the charm that comes with the adventures of a younger, much better-written Indiana Jones.

While the three films are classic in just about every sense of the word, they're definitely getting up there in age. To put it in perspective, Crystal Skull came out eleven years ago and the gap between it and Last Crusade was a staggering nineteen years. That's just from movies three to four.

With such a distance between the original release and today, do you think you have what it takes to properly whip those memories back and ace Dr. Jones' quiz?

Answers at the end!

1. Marion Appears In Two Movies


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