Infinite Review: 4 Ups & 6 Downs

5. Mark Wahlberg's Weirdly Lifeless Performance

Infinite Mark Wahlberg

Though Mark Wahlberg is often criticised for more-or-less playing himself in most of his action vehicles, his easy-going charisma often carries him through regardless.

In Infinite, however, Wahlberg couldn't seem much less interested in what's going on around him, largely just sleepwalking his way through the assignment with bare-minimum enthusiasm.

From his hilariously soporific narration through to his low-energy physical performance, this is about as blatant a paycheck role as they come, even if it's far from the least inspired project the actor has ever lent his name to (Mile 22, anyone?).

As much as Wahlberg is a sure box office draw, even his most die-hard fans might be left disappointed by his pre-occupied, unfocused work here.


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