INSIDE MAN 2 moves forward

Spike Lee's sequel to his most financially successful film to date, finds new writer.

After nearly two years of hearing nothing on a previously discussed sequel to Spike Lee's financially most successful film to date Inside Man and The Hollywood Reporter today carry the news of who is writing the script for Universal's second helping of this tale. Terry George, the writer of Reservation Road, Hotel Rwanda and Hart's War is in talks to pen the screenplay for Inside Man 2. The original was written by Russell Gerwitz, who is not back for this one.

The movie will pickup where the last movie left off but apparently will not be the same heist/situation. Clive Owen and Denzel Washington are both expected to return for the movie that will be again directed by Spike Lee. The original movie release in the Spring of 2006 made $184 million worldwide and was Lee's biggest ever opening with $28.9 million.

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