Insidious 2 Will Possess Audiences in 2013

Australian pair writer Leigh Whannell and director James Wan return to sequelize their surprise 2010 spooky hit.

A sequel to Insidious is in the works with Australian pair writer Leigh Whannell and director James Wan returning, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Earning $54 million domestically and almost $100 million internationally from a micro-$1.5 million budget (in other words, it made it's budget back 65 times over!), it was inevitable that last year's surprise spooky chiller hit would get a follow-up. The original starred Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson as a couple who learn that one of their children is possessed by an evil spirit. We don't yet know if either actor will return, but we do know that Patrick Wilson is due to lead James Wan's next film, the tentatively-titled The Conjuring which has been moving forward this month. Ironically that movie is also a haunted house film but one set in the 1970s, revolving around the problems a couple are facing living in a farmhouse that is being spooked and is reportedly based on a true story. The first film certainly had an ending that hinted where a sequel could go but I imagine Wilson & Byrne will want higher pay deals to comeback. The Conjuring begins filming next month in North Caroline whist Leigh Whannell writes the Insidious 2 screenplay, which we hear will shoot later this year for a release in 2013. Whannell & Wan were the creators of the Saw film franchise which likewise began with a low budget success that spawned a billion dollar franchise. Insidious isn't there yet of course but it is another success story for these guys.
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