Insidious: Chapter 2 International Trailer Reveals More Ghosts


This new trailer for Insidious 2, James Wan€™s follow-up to his 2011 haunted family thriller, is initially similar to the domestic one we got a month or so back but then it revs up and reveals more of the specters and spirits that inhabit The Further. There€™s also a little more hinted at in regards to what€™s going on with Patrick Wilson€™s character, who (Spoilers from last movie) has an ancient, phantasmal hag riding around in his skin of memory serves. Not sure how one gets up every morning and forgets a thing like that. You€™d assume one would feel some sag even if it€™s not evident when looking in the mirror.

How the film handles that storyline and the expanded history of the Lambert family (complete with Jocelyn Donahue as a young Barbara Hershey) will be important to the overall impact of both chapters. If Wan can work the creepy magic of his recent film, The Conjuring, then Insidious 2 could actually strengthen its predecessor.

My biggest worry is The Further, which felt ambitious as a concept but slight and silly in execution. A computer generated Darth Maul puppet, Tiny Tim warbling on the soundtrack, and an afterlife that looks like an abandoned porn studio don€™t exactly add up to terror. More time in The Further could be a bad thing if Wan hasn€™t beefed it up a little. I do like the sequences I€™m seeing in this trailer, particularly one abstract image of Wilson running towards a house that feels ripped from German Expressionist paintings.

Are you planning to see Insidious 2? Does the international trailer do a better job of generating excitement, or does it give up too much of the story?


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