Insidious: The Last Key - 2 Ups & 7 Downs

The worst one yet.

Insidious The Last Key Trailer
Blumhouse Productions

The fourth entry into the Insidious franchise, The Last Key, is in UK cinemas now,'s not good. Not at all.

Critics have had their say and tend to agree: this is your garden variety January horror movie, cynically dumped in cinemas by a studio well aware that there's nothing else for the teens to watch right now.

Though the franchise had surprisingly solid beginnings, it almost immediately fell into lazy habits with an array of speedily churned-out sequels, and The Last Key is just the latest uninspired effort to hoover up easy cash from the wallets of teens craving some harmless jumps on date night.

There are a few encouraging elements which suggest a movie with much more to offer, but they're mostly drowned out by the aggressively bland script and general lack of interest in doing anything adventurous or interesting.

You know what you're getting with this one, so proceed accordingly...

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