International Poster For COWBOYS & ALIENS Moseys Into Town

A few weeks back, when the first teaser trailer was released for John Favreau's upcoming Cowboys & Aliens (see it here), it was greeted with welcome surprise by most. A lot of people, myself included, had assumed a jokier tone would be the order of the day from a film with such an on the nose title. However, what Favreau seems to be delivering is more of a traditional western with a twist. So think normal horse opera played straight, with the likes of Daniel Craig and a grizzled Harrison Ford, but with aliens thrown in for good measure. The first teaser poster matched that mood, with Daniel Craig striking an iconic cowboy pose complemented by lots of dusty orange and brown tones save for the glowing blue thingy on Craig's wrist. For the international poster below they have gone for Craig's cowboy shrouded in darkness against the night sky, all blues and inky blacks, with slightly more emphasis on the glowing gauntlet contraption.

They both do the job of selling the apparent tone of the film, but is it just me or does anyone else get a big Freddy Krueger vibe from that latest one? Cowboys & Aliens is due July 29th, 2011.

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