Interstellar: 10 Reasons It’s Nolan’s Worst Film

An inter-galactic swing and a miss...

Interstellar, Christopher Nolan's dystopian space odyssey starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain, is in many ways the Nolan movie we've had coming since the director first stepped into the realm of blockbuster filmmaking. It's ambitious, loud, unapologetically intellectual, occasionally awe-inspiring and narratively twisty, and confidently, proudly so on all counts. It's also po-faced, ham-fisted, over-long and pretty much hollow. These are aspects that represent the worst of Nolan, and they've never been as prominent as they are in Interstellar. The film has some great features: there's a wonderful score from Hans Zimmer and his church organ, an achingly emotive performance from McConaughey in the lead role, and a collection of space sequences to rival those of last year's Gravity. It's also probably Nolan's most personal film. The positives in the film are challenged, however, by Nolan's biggest blatant weaknesses having grown to such humongous proportions. Whereas the flawed The Dark Knight Rises papered over some of the cracks with technical artistry and strong performances, the gaping holes in Nolan's craftsmanship have become impossible to ignore in Interstellar. They're there because Christopher Nolan is Christopher Nolan: geek lord and saviour and untouchable blockbuster panjandrum. The studios know that Nolan is practically God at the box office, which gives him total creative freedom to indulge himself - the result is Interstellar. Interstellar is, for better and for worse, the most Nolany film that Christopher Nolan has ever made, and there are ten major failings behind it...

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