INTERVIEW: James Watkins on his Brit horror film EDEN LAKE

Writer/director James Watkins talks exclusively to OWF about his creepy Brit thriller in U.K. cinema's from Friday.

Matt here... Eden Lake opens in the U.K. tomorrow, if you've been a regular cinema attendee over the last few weeks you won't have been able to miss this one. Rollercoaster Films and Optimum Releasing have done a terrific job of marketing the creepy thriller with the sheer amount of posters and the really cool trailer I keep stumbling across. I plan on it seeing it over the weekend. The trailer grabbed me in a way that fairly similar themed recent attempts at low budget British horror haven't like Shrooms or The Cottage. There seems to be a big heart to this one and a big social message behind it and a genuine effectiveness in conjuring up some real scares. The movie follows a young couple whose attempt to enjoy a romantic weekend away is spoiled by a group of youthful louts, who may be more dangerous than you would think at first glance. Finn Atkins and the recently plucked by Tarantino for his next movie Inglorious Bastards - Michael Fassbender star. In an OWF Exclusive, yesterday we got a chance to speak to the writer/director behind the film James Watkins who was kind enough to spend a few minutes talking our very own Mark Clark about his directorial debut.

You can read Mark Clark's original review of the movie HERE from a few weeks back. And that very effective trailer is below...

Eden Lake is in U.K. cinema's from tomorrow!

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