Inventive opening credits to SWEENEY TODD

Sadly this is as much of SWEENEY TODD as we will get in the U.K. this year. The movie won't be opening until a few weeks into 2008 which pisses me off not just because I'm desperate to see Tim Burton's most critically lauded film since BIG FISH but because it messes up my end of year article too. I've been watching more films in the last two weeks than I had previously seen since the end of the summer but it still looks very unlikely as to whether I will get to see NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, THERE WILL BE BLOOD and SWEENEY TODD before the lights go out on 2007. Shame but this kind of thing always happens at the end of the year for us Brits. We didn't get BLOOD DIAMOND or APOCALYPTO, two of the very best of last year until after the New Year festivities.


I'm so desperate to see SWEENEY TODD over the last few days, it's over taken my desire to see I AM LEGEND and that damn prologue for THE DARK KNIGHT. Here's the opening credits, they are just so delicious...

Better quality here.

I love it. Kinda reminds me a lot of the opening credits to Burton's two BATMAN movies and it's amazing how much Stephen Sondheim's score sounds so Danny Elfman-esque but also fresh. Elfman's scores have sounded exactly the same for way too long in the Burton-universe, I like this little shake-up. Hope I get chance to see it before Dec. 30th. source - coming soon

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