IRON MAN 2 coming 2010?


If Iron Man performs as well as the film is expected to over the next six weeks or so then Paramount will waste no time in pushing through a sequel, similar to how quickly they have already made plans for a Transformers 2 this June. According to Paramount CEO Brad Grey at the Hollywood premiere of Iron Man - he said that we can expect the sequel in the same week in 2010, which would probably mean Friday April 30th as the third Narnia movie currently holds the May 7th slot.

There's little doubt in my mind that all actors signed up to the three movie contract deal and they will all be back for a sequel with Terrence Howard's character especially expecting some more screentime and probable character progression. The film is in the same situation the first Spider-Man movie was in back in 2002 and Spider-Man 2 had a quick two year turn around, so I would expect the same here. It's an easy sequel for Marvel - as would be future installments of The Incredible Hulk but I don't think anyone expects that movie to perform as well as this. Oh and make sure you stay after the credits for Iron Man, you will finally get to see the much talked about Samuel L. Jackson cameo as Nicky Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Or at least try to stay after the credits. I attempted it but once everyone had left BEFORE the black scroll had even started and the cinema ushers started looking at their watch and getting impatient with me, I thought it best to probably leave. But my screening was definitely the first time my local cinema had played the film, so I guess word of mouth will be out by now so you shouldn't have any trouble. source - /film

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