Iron Man 3 Trailer 2 Review - What We've Learned...

iron man 3 trailer 2 Iron Man 3 is less than two months away from hitting cinemas, and lately the marketing execs over at Marvel HQ have been working overtime. In the past few weeks, we€™ve been inundated with fantastic posters and insightful interviews. The latest (and best) look yet comes in the form of a second theatrical trailer, released just moments ago! Watch it below, before I break down what five things we€™ve learned...

5. The Mandarin Is Not To Be Trifled With

iron man 3ben kingsley the mandarin In Iron Man€™s previous standalone movies, the final battles with the villains themselves have been anti-climactic, with the hero essentially fighting armored rip-offs of himself. From what we can glean in this trailer, that won€™t be the case with Iron Man 3. Apparently the Mandarin is such a serious threat that The President is forced to declare war on him and the Ten Rings. That tells us it€™s a whole different ball game. Whether or not his 10 rings serve any purpose (other than being really nice jewellery of course) remains to be seen, but with lines such as €œdo you wish to have an empty life or a worthy death?€ it€™s clear that Mandarin is playing for keeps.

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