Is Emily Blunt Practically Perfect In Every Way For Mary Poppins 2?

Into The Woods actress steps into the shoes of Julie Andrews for depression era sequel.

THR are reporting that delightful English rose Emily Blunt is set to take on the iconic role of Mary Poppins in a long-gestating sequel to the 1964 classic. Rob Marshall (Into the Woods, Chicago) is lined up to direct, with the storyline being said to take inspiration from original author P.L. Travers' series of books. Considering there are eight to choose from, Marshall & co. are not lacking for inspiration.

The movie will follow a now-grown Michael Banks, who has children of his own. His sister Jane arrives on the scene to help out once he finds himself in a bind (something to do with a bank, perhaps?), with Mary Poppins reappearing not long after that.

The decades-late sequel was first announced in September of last year, with Blunt's name emerging as a contender even then. In addition to this planned movie sequel, Marshall is also helping Disney orchestrate a new Broadway musical, with inspiration once again coming from the classic book series. There's no word on whether Blunt would be involved with that enterprise, but it's rather unlikely. Time will tell if the sequel bears the same name as the second book in the series - 'Mary Poppins Come Back'. Emily Blunt can next be seen in The Huntsman: Winter's War, released on 22 April. The Untitled Mary Poppins Sequel does not currently have a release date.
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