Is JONAH HILL The New Riddler?!

The Batman just got the perfect Jim Gordon too.

Jonah Hill The Riddler
Warner Bros.

Just when you're settled in comfortably with the idea that Robert Pattinson's casting "controversy" on The Batman is as inflamed as the fanbase is going to get before the long-awaited new movie comes out, Warner Bros go and throw a strange one-two.

Firstly, there's talk from THR that Jeffrey Wright is set to play the new Commissioner Gordon, which is phenomenal casting if they can get his talks onto paper. He's a prodigiously talented actor and would bring exactly the right sort of gravitas to the role.

And then, the haymaker comes in the form of talk from The Wrap that Jonah Hill might join him on the castlist. Now, that wouldn't be a bad thing, because Hill is a great actor too and there's even what appears to be the perfect role for him. You know the one, pointy nose, top hat, bit Penguiny... Only, that's apparently not who he's playing.

After lots of immediate speculation on the intended role - which apparently was unclear because it was reported that Warner Bros themselves didn't know who he was best to play - The Wrap then clarified that he's up for The Riddler. Which is considerably less of an obvious fit for him.

That's not to say that he wouldn't be good in the role, but his profile and his previous performances - including his more dramatic ones - don't really mesh with expectations of what The Riddler usually is. Perhaps that might turn out to be a good thing? And it's certainly not going to be the case that Hill's take on the character ends up being too close to Jim Carrey's, which even those of us who LIKE that performance can probably sigh with relief about.

Hill has something of a clean slate, because Carrey's performance is far from as definitive as any of the Jokers or Danny DeVito's Penguin, so this could represent an opportunity for him to really stamp a mark on it.

What do you think?

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