Is Mad Max: Fury Road's Furiosa Getting Her Own Movie?

A Charlize Theron led spin-off is being discussed at Warner Bros.

Mad Max: Fury Road was both a critical and commercial hit earlier this summer, staggering its way to a respectable $370 million worldwide. That isn't a groundbreaking figure, but the goodwill conjured by the film means that future installments have a great chance of adding to that number. George Miller has already announced plans for a sequel entitled Wasteland, but Deadline are suggesting something else might be in the works, a spin-off built around Charlize Theron's Furiosa. Discussing the box-office fortunes of Mad Max: Fury Road, Mike Fleming let slip the following:
"...a Mad Max: Fury Road sequel or a spinoff focusing on Charlize Theron€™s Furiosa character (which is being discussed) is inevitable if George Miller wants to make one."
It's not surprising that Warner would want a sequel to Fury Road, but a Furiosa spin-off is unexpected. It's not just a hypothetical either, with Fleming highlighting discussions are on-going at Warner. Furiosa and Theron's steely central turn pretty much stole Tom Hardy's (playing the titular lead) thunder in Fury Road, and the film's willingness to put a female-heavy cast front and centre earned major plaudits. Maybe Warner feel that this facet, coupled with the movie's relentless and deceptively youthful direction (Miller's in his 70s) were the core reason Fury Road managed to muster such a solid performance. I'm happy to continue exploring this world in Furiosa's company, and given the verbally restrained but physically expressive nature of Theron's performance, I'm sure there's a lot we could learn. Theron on the other hand might be a tougher sell. She and Hardy didn't have a great on-set relationship, and whilst promoting the movie she had no problem detailing how tough production was (pretty much an assault course in an arid environment with trucks). Convincing her to return could be a tricky proposition, but surely if the character's to be revived, an essential step. I hope Warner and Miller pull it off. Does this sound like a good idea? Will they get Theron back? Would you rather see Wasteland or a Furiosa spin-off? Let us know in the comments below.
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