Is Martin Freeman Playing Marvel's New Version Of Agent Coulson?

Cracking the hobbit's role in Captain America: Civil War.

A few weeks back Martin Freeman was added to the cast of Captain America: Civil War in an unnamed role. There was mass speculation over who exactly he's playing, with the general consensus eventually falling on Everett Ross, a Government agent who serves as a US emissary to Wakanda (which, after a brief mention in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, will be seen properly in Civil War). This pointed towards a subsequent, expanded appearance in Black Panther, whose titular hero is the King of the African country. But that, it seems, is not the end of it - recent reports have suggested Freeman will also be playing a supporting role in Doctor Strange (which has recently been rumoured to be circling Tilda Swinton to play The Ancient One). If this is true, then it means Freeman is going to be in at least three Marvel movies over the next few years, hinting at a bigger, multi-picture deal. Even if he's only going to be in these three though, it still means that Ross' (or whoever Freeman's playing) role is probably a bit more than just hopping from the US to Africa. But what exactly? Well, what if he's going to be used as the new version of Agent Coulson. Not literally the Clark Gregg character, but an equivalent who would fill a similar role after Gregg departed by way of sceptre to the heart. Coulson's key role in the overarching series was serving as an audience representative in the fantastical world, something he pulled off so well he was eventually absorbed into the mainstream comics continuity. By the time The Avengers rolled around he had even become a literal fan of the heroes, a collector of vintage Captain America cards. Yes, Phil is still technically alive in the continuity on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. where he has the opportunity to lightly break the fourth wall (although he hasn't been used much in that way, even subtly), but Joss Whedon has made it clear there's no hope of that being brought into the movie side of the Universe. And in lieu of the Cap' superfan, the MCU needs a character to serve as an audience mascot - someone who can be the regular guy amongst armoured billionaires, converted robot bodies and Hawkeye. And what better person than Freeman, possibly as an agent for the New Avengers. This would certainly explain his somewhat out-there casting. After all, this type of role is what he's been playing (brilliantly) in various forms throughout his career; whether Tim or Bilbo, he's essentially been sighing his way through more ridiculous/fantastical events. With Captain America: Civil War currently shooting and Doctor Strange getting geared up for production later this year, expect more light to be shed on Freeman's part in the universe in the coming months. Is Martin Freeman the new Agent Coulson? Or will his character go in a totally different direction? Share your predication down in the comments.
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