Is Pirates Of The Caribbean Getting A Reboot Already?

From the writers of Deadpool no less...

Pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides jack sparrow
Walt Disney Studios

Despite nobody you know actually seeing any of the movies after the third, Pirates of the Caribbean has remained one of the most lucrative franchises in Hollywood. Even in spite of lukewarm critical reception, dodgy CGI and Johnny Depp's increasingly problematic behaviour, Pirates has managed to rake in over $4 billion at the box office.

However, with the tide seemingly turning following the release of the most recent movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales, which only made $794 million (it's difficult to believe, but that's considered a huge disappointment for a series of this calibre), Disney is reportedly interested in rebooting the franchise entirely. According to Deadline, the House of Mouse have drafted in Deadpool scribes, Rheet Reese and Paul Wernick, to work on a new take on the swashbuckling property.

This comes as something of a surprise, not only because it doesn't really make sense to reboot something which has only just ended, but because Disney were reportedly working on a sequel to the previous film earlier this year. Why those plans have changed - and if the company will end up moving forward with this new vision at all - is entirely up in the air, but whatever happens it's clear that Disney is keen to keep the Pirates brand around for as long as possible.

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