Is The Han Solo Movie In More Trouble Than We Thought?

A bad feeling? Or a lot of over-blown nonsense?

Star Wars Han Solo

When you're waiting with baited breath for news of the latest addition to your favourite franchise, the phrase "troubled production" is not what you want to hear. Even in the context of Star Wars - which has been blighted by production issues almost since the first film came out - Han Solo sounds like a particularly messy affair.

Whether that's because of the reality of the situation or the strange fetishism of production disasters (and the direct correlation between brand size and morbid glee when they falter) remains to be seen, but the prequel has now been scorched with a brand mark it will struggle to throw off.

It will take the film to be excellent and to make a load of money to wipe away the memory of what has happened in the past few months and the occasionally confusing news around the production. And there's even a question right now over the justice of the response to the situation. Is it being over-blown? Is it being downplayed? Should we be more concerned that a film of this magnitude has struggled to get its house in order?

When you think about it, this might go some way to explaining why there's never been a film as simple to make and as irresistibly marketable as Boba Fett. Do Lucasfilm really have systematic issues?

There's a lot to seriously consider...


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