Is this the Cloverfield teaser poster?


So I finally got to see Transformers last night. I have an extremely busy day today (my girlfriend is taking me out with it being my birthday tomorrow and all) so my review probably won't be written up till Wednesday, or maybe I will do a Simpsons Movie double header and post them both on Thursday morning. Who knows? You want my quick thoughts on it? I was hooked in to the first 30 minutes of the movie just like I was with Bay's last movie The Island, but then just like that flick it got ridiculous, more ridiculous and then ultra ridiculous. It kept out-doing itself with how stupid it was going to get. Watching robots fight robots was pretty cool but I must say, that last 45 minutes I felt was a drag... and what happened to LaBeouf? He disappeared off the screen and his character became vacant for far too long at the end. Anyway more on that when I get to my review. Of course what the whole cinema was buzzing about wasn't Transformers but instead that certain J.J. Abrams 'monster' trailer. It was the first time I had seen it with an audience and the initial hush from the crowd after it had played was amazing. Then people started talking to each other, I heard a few people ask "was that even real?" when they saw it had no title. This is genius marketing... really great stuff. Slash Film have posted on their site (and we have stolen it above) what appears to be the teaser poster for the movie (Statue of Liberty with no head from the looks of it) which strangely has the title Monstrous. Let's just hope that's a tag line and not the real title of the film. Real or fake? Who knows... guess we will find out more at the Con but this movie gets A+ for it's marketing so far.
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