Is Vinnie Jones a Bastard?

AICN that Vinnie Jones has not only moved into a nice new house in the Hollywood Hills next to Quentin Tarantino but the pair are also set to work together in a movie which Vinne says will be his 'best yet'. I think we can all guess this is Inglorious Bastards which Quentin has been polishing up the script for all summer. The rumor comes from ex-British journalist Pierce Morgan who name-dropped Jones in his latest blog entry. Granted, it isn't the most credible source but all the factors and the timing would suggest that this is probably correct. I mean Vinnie Jones probably belongs on the battlefield. That's what made him such a good footballer, his ability to kick hard and treat every match as if it were a war-zone. You don't quite get players in English footballer like Vinnie anymore and it's rare you get actors like him too. I generally like him when he doesn't open his mouth but given the right dialogue sometimes he can be ok. Come on Quentin, tell us who else you got up your sleeve for this thing. Feels like I've been waiting on this one for decades!

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