Isla Fisher's DESPERADOS Gets Unlikely Director

This maybe a revelation to you, but Hollywood Studio PR people lie. In fact, all PR people lie. If you meet one, just remember they weren€™t clever enough to be a politician, and that the clothes they are wearing are probably on credit. With that out of the way, let us address some of the language- the more facile of the tropes- that have become commonplace; phrases like €œuniversal themes,€ or €œincredible journey,€ or €œTransformers meets Titanic€-OK, I made that one up- the point being that platitudes and preposterous hyperbole are uniform in both the on and off record Hollywood machine. We can, therefore, assume with some confidence, that more often than not these statements are either meaningless or bare such a tenuous relation to reality as to be fundamentally disingenuous. So when- entirely off the record- Universal pictures describe their upcoming film Desperados as €œa female The Hangover,€ alarm bells, replete with flashing red lights, don€™t so much go off as they do deafen the multiplex. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the napkin thin narrative reads thus:
The story is about a woman who sends an indignant email to her new beau, who has gone silent after they have sex, only to discover he's comatose in a Mexican hospital. Panicking, she races south of the border with her friends in tow to intercept the email before he recovers.
Well, I€™m certain that has excited you all. If not, there is also the prospect of director Betty Thomas (Dr Doolittle, I Spy) marshalling events behind the camera having taken over the position from Wayne McClammy (of €œFucking Matt Damon€ viral video fame). And she will direct from a script by The Jamie Kennedy Experiment writer, Ellen Rapoport. No schedule is yet set for production although the always likeable Isla Fisher (The Wedding Crashers), has already been cast in one of the three lead roles.

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