Israeli actress lands lead female role in ANGELS & DEMONS

Ayelet Zurer lands the love interest role in the Da Vinci Code follow-up.

Tom Hanks will soon work his 3 month (I'm guessing the length there) schedule on Angels & Demons which will earn him the biggest paycheck any leading Hollywood actor has ever received up front for a movie role when he reprises his part of Professor Robert Langdon from The Da Vinci Code. And if Angels & Demons makes anywhere near the $758 million worldwide figure that Da Vinci made, then the investment in the actor will most definitely be worth it. EW have today been informed that Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer has just landed the leading female role of Vittoria Vetra, the Italian love interest of the movie. Zurer appeared as Eric Bana's wife in Munich and was also in the big cast of this year's thriller Vantage Point. If I was being unfair, I would say they have ran out of cash and couldn't afford to secure a bigger name actress for the lead opposite role - you may remember Naomi Watts was said to have been in the running. If I was being nice, I would say it's nice they have gone for an unknown who has maybe shown more talent and is closer to the persona they want for the character than a higher profile name.

Zurer's character is the daughter of CERN physicist Leonardo Vetra. Following her father's death, Vittoria pairs with Robert Langdon (Hanks) on a journey to uncover the mystery behind her father's murder and stop a terrorist plot.
The novel follows the exact same plot points as The Da Vinci Code and if you put the blueprint of both books side by side you would see they are exactly the same with the only difference being the names and a couple of slight plot deviations. The same characters, the same beats, the same kind of dialogue is all there... Dan Brown has made a small fortune from writing the same material four times. Now it will be interesting to see just how different director Ron Howard makes this movie from the 2006 mega hit but critically panned thriller. source - coming soon


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