It Chapter 2: 15 Insane Hidden Details You Definitely Missed

Stephen King Easter Eggs, hidden gags and everything you probably missed first time.

Here's Pennywise DO NOT USE
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Despite being a mammoth three hours long (almost), It Chapter Two is definitely one of those films you need to watch again to fully appreciate the depth of detail that has gone into it. That's why you should be excited by the prospect of a possible 7 hour supercut of both movies with new and deleted scenes added. Sure, you might end up with number legs than Betty Ripsom, but it'll be an experience.

Andy Muschietti did more than just adapt Stephen King's novel, he furnished it with the kind of detail that only a true fan could be capable of. There are call-backs, King-related Easter Eggs and all manner of hidden details in there that are designed solely for the amusement of the audience.

This isn't going to be one of those rundowns that has "Pennywise has a big forehead, foreshadowing the fact that he's really weird," these are references, little details and secrets you really needed to WORK to see in the movie.

15. The Shining Skateboard

Shining Skateboard
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Right at the end of the movie there's a huge nod to The Shining when Bev's nightmarish visions in the bathroom stall include Henry Bowers, bloodied and manic shouting "here's Johnny!" through the door, but it's not the only reference to the other King classic.

Elsewhere, when Bill comes across Dean, the kid who lives in his house that Pennywise has targeted as another victim to taunt Bill, he's skateboarding in the street. And if you look closely, the design on the underside of the skateboard is a faded reprint of the iconic carpets from the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

14. The Familiar Clown

Here's Pennywise DO NOT USE
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After Bill realises that Pennywise intends to kill Dean to remind him that he couldn't save Georgie, Bill takes it upon himself to chase after the kid to save him. Naturally, this leads him to the funfair, because nothing creepy ever happens at those.

When he arrives, he chases Dean into the fun house through the mouth of a clown, because that also isn't just massively creepy and doesn't foreshadow anything catastrophic happening.

As soon as he enters, he should have known something was up, because he's immediately met with a room of swinging clowns. And just like the first movie had a doll styled on Tim Curry's 1990 Pennywise, half of the clowns in this room are dressed in his costume as another nice little callback.


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