IT Chapter 2 Will Be Even Scarier Than The First One

Prepare your adult diapers...

It Pennywise
Warner Bros

Even though the second chapter in Andy Muschietti's Pennywise story is still more than a year away, the first footage has already been shown ahead of Comic Con as part of Warner Bros' ScareDiego event.

According to reports from journalists on-site, it was a limited look, with a first look at Bill Hader as Richie and James Ransome as Eddie. But more importantly, Muschietti himself is apparently promising that he's going bigger on the horror elements, telling fans that they should bring their adult diapers...


The original already had some incredibly creepy moments - especially around Pennywise - so the promise of even more will thrill fans. Plus, it makes sense that the clown would be seeking to ramp up his fear factor now that he's dealing with an adult Losers Club.


Can September 2019 hurry up, please?

As well as the returning cast of the original, the film has an excellent cast, including James McAvoy plays Bill, Hader is Richie, Jessica Chastain is Beverly, Ransone is Eddie, Andy Bean is Stanley, Jay Ryan is Ben and Isaiah Mustafa is Mike.


It's set to be released on September 6th, 2019.

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