IT Director Andy Muschietti Will Make The Flash Movie

The IT helmer enters talks to tackle the upcoming solo outing for Ezra Miller's Sultan of Speed.

Warner Bros.

Having undergone several problems over the past few years, Warner Bros. upcoming solo effort for The Flash is now looking to speed forward with a new director.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, Andy Muschietti is in talks to helm the big-screen Scarlet Speedster offering. Muschietti has carved quite the name for himself in recent years, directing 2013’s vastly underrated Mama and then tackling the 2017 IT redo (and its impending follow-up), and he fills a director’s chair vacated by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein.

The Flash is also undergoing major changes with its screenplay; Bumblebee scribe Christina Hodson having entered negotiations to produce a new screenplay after Warners decided to pass on the script put together by Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison.


Speaking of Miller, there were some suggestions that he may have decided to leave The Flash in his dust. However, this latest report doubles down on the fact that the actor is very much still set to return to the Barry Allen role he briefly played in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before fleshing out the character in Justice League.

A key reason for these changes is the ever-familiar creative differences. Reportedly, Ezra Miller wanted a darker tone for the film, while Daley and Goldstein were leaning towards a more comedic affair. Seemingly neither party got their way, and Warner Bros. is now looking for Muschietti and Hodson to lead the movie forward.


All being well, the current plan is for The Flash to be in pre-production early next year. Then again, this is a movie that at one point was booked in for a 2020 release before ultimately being pulled from The WB’s release schedule.

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