Jack Huston Could Be The Crow

Boardwalk Empire star is in talks to replace Luke Evans.

Having got its feathers all in a flutter with names coming and going from The Crow remake, Deadline reveals that they may have finally landed on a potential lead. Following the departure of Luke Evans who was set to take the role, the trade reveals that Boardwalk Empire star, Jack Huston could be next on the list. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but the studio are in talks with Huston for the project that will be an adaptation of the James O€™Barr graphic novel. Corin Hardy is already down to direct, joining shortly before Evans ditched the picture, with cameras set to start later this year. Adapted in 1994 and starring Brandon Lee, the story follows Eric Draven, who returns from the grave to avenge his girlfriend€™s murder and his own. Unable to stop what is already dead, the criminals are forced to face Eric and his supernatural powers, as he picks off those connected to his death one by one. Huston isn€™t exactly a huge name but he€™ll certainly be popping up over time later this year. Previously rumoured to be in the running for Doctor Strange before Benedict Cumberbatch got the gig, he€™ll be taking the lead in the Ben-Hur remake, as well as Mr. Wickham in Pride, Prejudice and Zombies. Should you be interested in seeing how Hardy handles things, you can get a taste of his take on the supernatural with highly recommended horror, It Follows, which will be creeping out cinema audiences this week.


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