Jack Nicholson: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Heeeereeee's Jacky!

Jack Nicholson Anger Management
Columbia Pictures

Jack Nicholson is a phenomenon of acting - a chameleon who has waded through genres as if they don't traditionally challenge an actor's range, and offering some of the most memorable and explosive performances ever seen on screen.

He has been a supervillain, a devil incarnate, a lover, a wanderer and a madman, and in every case he has brought subtly and nuance that defies the often grandiose delivery of his characters. As his career progressed over more than 6 decades, he has played indie-like characters with the faintest of strokes, as well as larger than life characters ripped from the annals of criminal history, and every one has them has been authentic under his guidance.

He is a master of his craft and an assurance of quality, and it's a shame that his working schedule has lightened in his elder years. But at least we have his career preserved on screen as a living monument to his prowess.

On the occasion of him turning 80, this column celebrates the best and worst of the career of one of the best character actors ever to grace screens, starting with the high-points...


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