Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review - 3 Ups & 6 Downs

An immensely lazy sequel.

Jack Reacher
Paramount Pictures

While it doesn't standing among Tom Cruise's bigger box office successes, 2012's Jack Reacher was nevertheless a solid enough hit to earn a sequel, no matter the complaints from fans of the source material that Cruise simply wasn't right for the part.

Four years later, Jack Reacher is back with an adaptation of Lee Childs' 2013 Reacher novel Never Go Back, yet as acclaimed as the book was upon release, this movie? Not so great.

Critics largely agree that Jack Reacher 2 is a mediocre sequel that, while hardly bad, just doesn't do enough to justify its own existence beyond mere box office dollars, and feels like a waste of so many talented creative people.

Will the word-of-mouth sink its box office, or will Jack live to fight another day? The coming weeks will tell, but until then, here are 3 ups and 6 downs from Jack Reacher: Never Go Back...


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