Jack Reacher Trailer: Tom Cruise Owns Lee Child's One Shot

So what that he is too short for the role? Cruise owns this part...

Shortly after a Russian version of the trailer had slipped between the cracks, Paramount Pictures has finally released the official trailer for Jack Reacher. The action film, set to ignite screens this December 21st, is an adaptation of the Lee Child novel €œOne Shot€ and stars Tom Cruise as the stoic and hard-boiled titular character. In the film, Jack Reacher (Cruise) is selected to hunt down a sniper that€™s been terrorizing his city and left five people dead. It is the first film adaptation of the highly acclaimed fifteen book series that caused controversy when pint-sized Tom Cruise was cast as the imposing 6€™5€ tall, near 250 pounds former military policemen now wandering loner. You can watch the trailer below; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK7y8Ou0VvM
€œHey, honey, what€™s on at the local cinema?€ €œWell, there€™s €˜Jack Reacher€™€ €œWho€™s that?€ €œNobody. It€™s the name of the movie.€ €œOh? What€™s it about?€ €œNo idea.€ €œYou mean it€™s just a name?€ €œYep.€ €œLike €˜John Carter€™?€ €œGod, I hope not.€
As a non-reader, I know nothing yet about this character and very much appreciate how this trailer obnoxiously plays on fact that it€™s also€”if not nothing more than€”a Tom Cruise movie. In fact, this shows exactly how a Tom Cruise movie trailer should look like. Gritty action cuts without the actor€™s face? Check. Rapid hand-to-hand combat without the actor€™s face? Check. Cruise€™s billion-dollar mug fades into view, eyes staring intensely right at you, like he€™s just seen the inside of your soul. Check. The final €˜TOM CRUISE€™ smash-cut, in case the previous images were just too vague? Oh yeah. This thing is practically art. Jack Reacher also stars Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, and Werner Herzog and is directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who€™d worked with Cruise in 2008€™s €œValkyrie€.

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