Jack White performs QUANTUM OF ZERO ZERO ad!

It would appear that the disgusting and pointless (is their a reason for a coke drink to exist which has no sugar... or calories as it's marketed in the U.S.?) brand that is Coke Zero has been temporarily re-named Zero Zero as part of a James Bond tie-in campaign to celebrate the upcoming QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

To try and entice you to buy the vile drink, Coke have hired Jack White of The Racentours and The White Stripes fame to score a brand new advert which has been created in the style of the typical Bond film title credit montages. Will this instrumental score make up part of the theme he composed with Alicia Keyes for the new movie?

Not attempting to promote Coke at all but just for the sake of a closing statement and a bit of trivia... Jack White previously wrote and performed a one-off Coke advert last year which you can remind yourself of HERE.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE, the 22nd James Bond film opens October 31st (U.K.) and November 14th (U.S.)

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