Jackie Chan's 10 Most Dangerous Stunts

Just don't try these at home - or anywhere else...

Jackie Chan Crazy Stunt Following on from the death of Bruce Lee, for a while it seemed as if no performer had what it takes to claim the crown of cinematic kung fu king. That was until Jackie Chan came along - having been raised as a child in the Peking Opera School and already worked with Lee in the capacity of stuntman, Chan had more than enough experience and ability to wow audiences with his lithe fighting ability. But Jackie Chan took things one (or perhaps several) step further - not content simply with becoming one of the greatest on-screen pugilists of his generation, fusing a range of martial arts styles with an uncanny knack for comic timing (inspired by the legendary silent comedians Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton), Chan decided to throw a load of stunts into the mix - and he certainly delivered. Few stuntmen in the history of movies have committed themselves quite so much to risking life and limb for the gratification of their fans. Choosing the greatest stunts from Chan's filmography is no easy task - having made plenty of films over his illustrious career there's more than enough to choose from. But we've been through the back catalogue and selected the best of his work. Sit back, strap yourself in and check out Jackie Chan's most dangerous, crazy and otherwise awesome stunts. Just don't try these at home - or anywhere else...
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