Jacob's Ladder remake? Can I ask why?

jacobs_ladder.jpgJacob's Ladder is set to be for a remade. I know can you believe it? That awesome Tim Robbins movie that had that out of this world script from Bruce Joel Rubin and that was so smartly and innovatively directed by Adrian Lyne is for some unknown reason, on producer Alison Rosenzweig's upcoming slate of films to be remade according to Variety (hidden right at the bottom of the article).
Inspired by Ambrose Bierce's "An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge," Jacob's Ladder finds a Vietnam vet/postal employee (Tim Robbins) suffering nightmarish visions. Suspecting he was exposed to a nerve agent while in the war and that demons are following him, he begins to lose his grip on reality.
The original movie is so deliciously disturbing and I love how everyone has a different idea of what the film's message and true meaning is. There's really nothing more to go on in the Variety article so let's just hope this never see's the light of day, and this is the last time we hear about a remake of this superb film. If you haven't seen it and your in need of some intelligent horror then I can't recommend it highly enough. source - shock till you drop

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