Jake Gyllenhaal goes to the Moon!

Gyllenhaal teams with director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Jumper) for a space journey to the moon!

Star Wars and Star Trek, there's something extremely profound about movies that deal with man... and our factual journey into space. A movie like Apollo 13, which actually deals with the wonders of leaving Earth... real life Captain Kirk's and Picard's. We don't get enough of these movies about man's desire to venture into space... at least not those from a realistic standpoint. Variety say that Jake Gyllenhaal who is making a career as the bland everyday guy is to team up with the upcoming director of Jumper to star in a movie dealing with a private expedition to the moon. The movie is currently known as UntitledMoon Project, and will see Liman direct from a Mark Bowden (Black Hawk Down) screenplay. I find the whole subject of man travelling to the moon as been absolutely fascinating, and it's something that we all too easily forget and take for granted these days. Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong are just answers to trivia questions now... or at least that's how they are perceived in the U.K. Forgotten heroes of a different era. This sounds good then, a film that just shows the wonders of space travel, without the need for aliens or space-ships is a welcoming flick in my eyes. Let's hope they give Gyllenhaal a real character this time.

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