James Badge Dale Signs Up To WORLD WAR Z!

Personally, I'm still trying to figure out how a show as cool as AMC's Rubicon managed to find itself cancelled after only it's first season but nevertheless I'm happy to report star James Badge Dale's career is going six feet under anytime soon. The Pacific's star who is still probably best known for putting a hole in Leonardo DiCaprio's brain in The Departed is on the up and up right now having landed important supporting roles in a number of big forthcoming Hollywood productions (Joe Carnahan's wolf movie The Grey and Steve McQueen's Shame) but his last attachment, might just be the biggest. Variety say Badge Dale has entered talks with Paramount to join World War Z, the ambitious $150 million project blockbuster that Brad Pitt leads as the UN researcher who travels the globe interviewing survivors to chronicle how humanity survived a zombie apocalypse. Badge Dale plays Captain Spake, a U.S. soldier who did warn his superior commanders of how zombie threat but nobody paid him much attention. The Killing€™s Mireille Enos plays Pitt€™s wife and Anthony Mackie had been circling a supporting role (denied by the actor recently) but as he's just signed up for a part in Tales From the Gangster Squad, his chances of appearing in this now are very slim indeed. Adapted by Matthew Carnahan (Lions for Lambs, State of Play) from Max Brooks€™ popular work of fiction, Marc Forster directs his first movie since Quantum of Solace and it promises to be the most detailed and intense work of zombie cinema we€™ve ever seen, especially with the lauded DP Robert Richardson (Shutter Island, Inglourious Basterds) on board. We've been hearing a lot about how this is going to be the first really huge scale funded zombie epic and all the people involved are insanely talented, so consider this very high on our radar.
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