James Bond 25: Chris Nolan Categorically Says No

He better have something better to do...

Christopher Nolan Gun Barrel

No matter how hard we all wish it was happening, Christopher Nolan definitely isn't making the next Bond movie.

The director has been linked to the gig around every single gap in his working schedule and there was some enthusiastic rumour-mongering around the upcoming 25th chapter - tentatively being called Shatterhand. But Nolan was resolute when he spoke to BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs about the possibility:

I won't be the man. No, categorically. I think every time they hire a new director I'm rumoured to be doing it.

There's a reason for that, Mr Nolan. There can't be many Bond fans out there who wouldn't want to see him take the job on at least once - and it does feel like an inevitability at some point. But not for now.

Though Daniel Craig infamously claimed he'd rather self-harm than return to play the character, he's back and the film really needs to offer him an opportunity to retire from the role on a high. Or maybe just kill him off and replace him, so we can finally have in-canon confirmation of the famous Codename 007 theory.

Maybe Nolan will just feel more comfortable taking on a Bond film after Craig leaves and we get another soft reset? That'd fit his previous with Batman a lot more, certainly. Let's just hope his next film is a good excuse for not wanting to do Bond now.

So who should take on the 007 director mantle next? How about a slightly more left-field choice like Martin McDonagh? That'd be something.

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