James Bond: Ranking Every Blofeld From Worst To Best

The notorious head of SPECTRE - ranked from the stinkers to those that can't be bettered!

James Bond Blofeld

When it comes to nailing down the most iconic scene starring Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the difficulty arises from the fact that James Bond's iconic nemesis has had more iterations than 007 himself - each wildly different in both tone and look. The combination has spawned a plethora of mad villain cliches in subsequent media, harkening back to SPECTRE's infamous pussycat-stroking president.

After first coming into the fray in 1963's From Russia With Love, in which the mysterious megalomaniac was introduced in the end credits as a literal question mark, Blofeld wasted little time cementing himself as one of the most memorable villains in the franchise's storied history.

Yet, which particular version is the one that conjures the most memories? From an eminently enigmatic figure to a camp cross-dresser to the modern day's cuckoo-cackling kingpin, old Ernst has attacked James Bond from all angles - directly and indirectly.

Here are each of the mastermind's portrayals, ranked from the head-scratching all the way to the iteration truly worthy of Blofeld's status as SPECTRE Number One.

7. John Hollis/Robert Rietti (For Your Eyes Only, 1981)

James Bond Blofeld
United Artists

Heading the bottom of the list is a character who, technically speaking, isn't Blofeld at all. That's the official version, at least - though it doesn't take a hardcore 007 fanatic to see the truth.

With the Bond franchise mired in legal disputes stemming from once-producer Kevin McClory's ownership of SPECTRE and the Ernst Stavro Blofeld character, the EON-produced films decided to open 1981's For Your Eyes Only with a rather cheeky disposal of the idea that they needed the nefarious figure at all.

Though they were forbidden from explicitly identifying the bald-headed, white cat-loving villain seen in the film's pre-title sequence as Blofeld himself, his appearance - coupled with his clear wish to see 007 dead - made it abundantly clear who this anonymous chap was meant to be.

After seeing fit to remind audiences (as if they could forget!) of the tragic demise of James Bond's late wife Tracey from all the way back in 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service, For Your Eyes Only offers 007 a chance at some long-awaited revenge.

Cue madcap hijinks as the cackling clown takes control of 007's helicopter, whizzing him around the sky like a hapless toy. Yet, this is the opening scene of a James Bond picture, and there's no time to waste - it's not long before "Blofeld" is pleading for his life and bizarrely offering 007 a "delicatessen... in stainless steel" until he's dropped down a chimney to his doom.

He's treated, played, and disposed of like rubbish - not to be seen again for another 34 years.


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