James Franco & Winona Ryder Cast In THE STARE

Jay Anania's Indie drama about a playwright losing her grip on reality begins shooting May 6th.

Deadline reports that James Franco and Winona Ryder will star opposite each other in The Stare, an Indie film funded by new production company Waterstone Entertainment. Jay Anania, who helmed Franco in the film Shadow and Lies (we had to look it up on IMDB too) and is a teacher who heads the directing program at the graduate film school at NYU has written and will direct the drama in which;
a playwright (Ryder) finds her mind beginning to warp as she struggles to launch her next production. She's plagued by dreams and visions of being watched, but can't decide if she's at the center of a manipulative plot or simply losing her grip on reality. Franco plays one of the performers in the playwright's production.
Shooting begins May 6th in New York. Waterstone Entertainment has been setup by producer Jeff Kalligheri and Texas real estate developer/producer Steve Bowen and has several projects with Franco percolating.

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