Jamie Foxx is The Soloist

Jamie Foxx is to star in yet another musical themed movie. This time it's The Soloist, a biopic of musical prodigy Nathaniel Ayers (pictured left) who developed schizophrenia and ended up homeless on the streets of downtown L.A. where he performed solo violin and cello sessions. The film depicts the relationship that developed between Ayers and Steve Lopez, who was a Los Angeles Times reporter who has an upcoming book about Ayers to be published soon. Obviously then Lopez will be a big part of the film but this role has yet to be cast. Yeah that's right, it's one of those movies! The screenplay comes from Susannah Grant who also scribed Erin Brokovich, In Her Shoes and Catch and Release with British helmer Joe Wright on board to direct. He is no stranger to drama's either having just completed the period flick Atonement and previously he was praised for his version of Pride and Prejudice. Both movie star Kiera Knightley, though I very much doubt she will be in this film. We have a good writer. A talented director. And a fine lead actor with a decent sounding dramatic concept which should test all three of those departments to the full. This sounds pretty good to me. Shooting begins in January, mostly in Los Angeles report Variety.

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