Jamie Foxx leading THE ZEBRA MURDERS

Foxx will play one of two African-American cops who attempts to solve the racially motivated mass murders in 70's San Fransisco.

The Kingdom was a financial disappointment, the movie was for the most part pretty cool and maybe they will find their audience with The Zebra Murders. This is a movie we talked about last month when Carnahan (Lions for Lambs, State of Play) was hired to adapt the 2006 book The Zebra Murders: A Season of Killing, Racial Madness, and Civil Rights for Dreamworks, Plan B and now Fox-King Entertainment. Very similar to the Zodic killings, these murders took place in the 70€™s in San Fransisco with many books written on the case but it€™s not quite as infamous as the story David Fincher adapted into film this year. All the events took place over 12 months when a nationalist group, The Nation of Islam, were responsible for the murdering of 16 innocent people. Their motive? Reports say it was because their religious beliefs stated that they would earn points to enter Paradise after their death for every white person they killed. To add to the sickening tale, they would actually earn further points for killing white children because it showed their willpower and dedication to the cause. Jamie Foxx will play one or two African-American cops who fought of harassment in their own police force, whilst attempting to crack the case. Well I liked The Kingdom and every Carnahan script I have read so-far has impressed me, so maybe they will knock this one out of the park this time. At least we know they won't cast Colin Farrell (as he ain't black) but Michael Mann as directing is still possibility. Man I hated Miami Vice.

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