Jay Baruchel vs. the JUSTICE LEAGUE?!

UPDATE: I'm reliably informed that the film is still set for 2009, I'm guessing the 2010 date was an error on the part of the paper or actor. The guy you see to the left, with "Hilary Swank version" resting on his shoulder, is Jay Baruchel. You might recognise him from films such as MILLION DOLLAR BABY and THE RULES OF ATTRACTION. He's also a proud member of Club Apatow. Baruchel is usually good value in whatever he's in. However we've yet to see him in a big-budget action film, something like JUSTICE LEAGUE/AMERICAN HEROES. Well, we might not have to wait too long. A friend of mine in Canada was telling me about an interview with Baruchel in today's Le Journal de Montreal, a French language newspaper that circulates in North America. Baruchel talked a bit about his next project, something he's just flown to Australia for to start two weeks of rehearsals. The whole article, which you can read here, is in French but loosely translated here's the part that relates to the JUSTICE LEAGUE:-

"He's been chosen by Warner to star in the next big fantasy action film, scheduled for 2010. The highest budgeted project produced by the Burbank studio, a secret for the moment."
The JUSTICE LEAGUE had been scheduled for a 2009 release but could the WGA strike be having repercussions on the studio's production plans? Maybe they will shoot everything they can early next year, wait for the writers to get things resolved, rewrite the script and then go back and finish it? Or perhaps the 2010 date is to leave more time for post-production? In terms of the part he's playing, my initial thought was that Baruchel would be one of the Flashes. It's already been somewhat confirmed that Adam Brody is playing Barry Allen, but there still hasn't been much talk about who will play Wally West. However a little bit of extra research brings up this article from TriggerStreet which claims that Baruchel just left Dreamworks' SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE to play a villain in the JUSTICE LEAGUE. Rumours have Maxwell Lord and Talia Al Ghul (to be played by Teresa Palmer) as the baddies the DC heroes must team up to defeat, along with whispers of the Man of Steel going all SUPERMAN III at one point. So what role is the KNOCKED UP star playing? And if he's in Australia for rehearsals then doesn't that pretty much confirm all the cast is locked? Boy, this film certainly brings up an awful lot of questions!

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