Jeff Bridges Will Draw Gun From His Holster For R.I.P.D.

The Wrap says Jeff Bridges is now 100% locked-in to co-star R.I.P.D as the grizzled, centuries deceased gunslinger that teams-up with Ryan Reynolds€™ recently murdered contemporary police officer who work for the Rest In Peace Department - basically the ghosts whose job it is to keep the dangerously deceased quiet. Bridges will bring his Rooster Cogburn-True Grit slurring to the PG-13 supernatural buddy cop movie, based on Peter Lenkov€™s Dark Horse comic of the same name. All cool, all exciting. Bridges replaced the previously cast Zach Galifianakis and the whole dynamic of the movie seems to have changed. I guess it€™s still a movie that will carry the same comedy/action tone as Hellboy or Ghostbusters and it€™ll be Red director Robert Schwentke€™s job to make all the genre-bending tones work smoother than he did with that particular uneven movie. Filming in Boston sounded imminent just weeks ago but it now appears it will take place late summer for a probable Q4 2012 release.
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