Jena Malone Is Batgirl In Batman V Superman

NOT Robin.

Rumours that Jena Malone is going to appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice have been flying around the internet ever since she visited the set last year. Ostensibly she was there to check-in with her Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder, but we weren't buying that for a second. The popular thinking was that she was playing Carrie Kelly, the female Robin who featured in The Dark Knight Returns, on which the film is (incredibly loosely) based. That's looked increasingly less likely with the development that Bruce Wayne is a recluse mourning the death of a Robin (probably Jason Todd), played by Eli Snyder (Zack's son) in flashback. Instead, rumours have been flying around that'll she's actually Barbra Gordon, daughter of the (in this universe) deceased Commissioner Gordon and the most memorable version of Batgirl. Latino Review are now saying this has been confirmed by several trustworthy sources. Obviously this is somewhat shy of an official announcement, but given that this rumour's been gaining traction in recent weeks it's pretty believable. Don't be surprised if it's confirmed soon. Whether Malone will be playing Batgirl, or have already had a run-in with the Joker that left her wheelchair-bound and become Batman's in-ear help, Oracle, isn't clear, although given the timeline of the DC Extended Universe - Batman's old and Joker's locked up - the latter's more likely. Either way, expect to see a lot more of Malone as the franchise progresses. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is out on 25th March, 2016.
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