Jena Malone's Batman V Superman Role Finally Confirmed (And It's Not Batgirl)

The film's final mystery solved.

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One of the most speculated elements of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice pre-release was the identity of Jena Malone's heavily mysterious cameo character. And post-release, in fact, because she was of course cut from the theatrical release of the film, dragging out the mystery all the way to the unveiling of the extended, three-hour Ultimate Edition.

That version of the film regrettably leaked online recently and, thanks to both viewer accounts and a screencap of the end credits, we finally know who she's playing. So, who is it? Batgirl? Carrie Kelly? Vikki Vale?

None of the above. Malone's actually playing Jenet Klyburn, a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist who had a handful of comic appearances in the seventies and eighties. In the Ultimate Edition she reportedly turns up for one scene where she helps Lois Lane identify Lex Luthor's bullets from the Africa incident.


Well... that was that. Malone's part is basically a friend cameo on the part of Zack Snyder (he directed her in Sucker Punch), rather than a major part of the expanding DC Extended Universe. And thus all that fevered rumour-mongering suddenly feels a bit pointless.

I will say this though - now we know her part, it's even more inexplicable that she was cut. While removing a member of the Bat-family would have been a shame, it sounds like this scene is more important to the film than Oracle ever could; it's connective tissue in the otherwise rubbish Lois subplot.


Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Ultimate Edition is available on digital from 28th June and Blu-Ray from 19th July.

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