Jennifer Garner leans on THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH

The Hollywood Reporter. The movie is set in a contemporary world where no-one lies, until a performer decides to invent it and he finds it works for his own personal gain. One of those gains is to win the attention of a beautiful w0man (Garner) who is way out of his league. So it's the feisty girl out of ALIAS falling for David Brent of THE OFFICE. Sounds like comedy genius to me. After years of turning down movie roles (I believe he was offered Simon Pegg's role in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III and other-like projects) Gervais seems to have finally relented and is making the switch to Hollywood. Over the last year we have seen him do a self indulging cameo in both NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM and STARDUST, and 2008 will see him lead a film for the first time (David Koepp's GHOST TOWN) and as we say co-direct, co-write and star in THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH. His partner in the writing/directing duties is Matt Robinson and not his usual partner in crime Stephen Merchant (THE OFFICE, EXTRA'S & their many radio shows). Production is set to begin in the Spring and I actually think this could be excellent. Garner and Gervais as a couple. How funny is that?

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