Jennifer Lawrence In Talks For Oliver Stone's SAVAGES

There is always cause for concern when a young actress shows great potential in a breakout performance because more often than not they become caught up in playing the Hollywood game and taking roles that are not befitting of their talent. Look at Kate Hudson as a prime example. She was the feisty, breakout star from Almost Famous who proceeded to play a series of stereotypical female roles, mostly in lame rom-coms in the decade that followed and now everyone seems to have forgotten about the potential she initially promised to begin with. Thankfully the recently Oscar nominated Jennifer Lawrence seems to have a good head on her shoulders in regards to her future prospects. Winter's Bone proved that she is a dynamite character actress, and X-Men: First Class (where she plays Mystique) looks more cerebral a franchise than the usual comic book blockbuster and so it is heartening to hear that she is in talks to work with Oliver Stone €“ the perfect man to collaborate with for staying grounded and maintaining a human presence on screen. Oliver Stone films usually give actors the perfect opportunity to realise their full potential as evidenced by both Tom Cruise and Michael Douglas' lifetime best performances in Born on the Fourth of July and Michael Douglas respectively. Deadline are reporting that the Oscar nominated twenty year old is in talks to star in Oliver Stone's next film Savages which is based on Don Winslow's best selling novel. The website offers the following summary about the story:
€œThe book is a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-style love triangle between two best friend pot growers and O, the wild child girlfriend they share..... Somehow, sharing a bed with O created no discord in the relationship between brainy botanist Ben and Chon, a hardcore ex-Navy SEAL who returned from Afghanistan with top-quality pot and a total lack of remorse for killing to protect his pals. They live a quiet lucrative existence in Laguna Beach, growing and distributing their primo pot.€
Jennifer Lawrence would obviously play the role of O and Stone is still heavily on the lookout for the two men in her character's life. It should surprise nobody that James Franco is being courted seeing as studios seem to be fast realising that he is a complete and utter workaholic and Stone has apparently also been meeting with actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Aaron Johnson and Garrett Hedlund, the latter who recently starred in Tron: Legacy. Benicio Del Toro is also favoured for the important role of a Mexican Drug Inforcer who tries to muscle Ben and Chon out of business. Hasn't Del Toro played this role like a dozen times already? For Lawrence then, this is just the kind of gritty role that she should excel in and I'm glad that she is heavily considering working with such an established filmmaker. In the meantime however we have turn in Jodie Foster's The Beaver which begins premiering next month and the aforementioned X-Men: First Class to look forward too.

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