Jennifer Lawrence Says It's What I Do

She’ll live life through a lens for Spielberg.

Deadline have got word that Warner Bros. have nabbed Jennifer Lawrence to take the lead in true-life war tale, It€™s What I Do, which will tell the story of Lynsey Addario, a renowned photographer whose work took her to some of the most dangerous locations in the world. Adapted from Addario€™s own book, A Photographer€™s Life Of Love And War, It€™s What I Do will focus on Addario€™s career that took her to Afghanistan, Iraq, the Congo and Haiti to name a few. What could gain the most attention however, will be her time in March 2011, where she was held for six days in Libya, along with three other journalists. There she suffered various forms of mental and physical assault, with her captors being fully aware that she was pregnant at the time as well. It sounds like an interesting role for Lawrence to get on board for, and even more so with Spielberg behind the camera. The two do have a slightly crammed schedule though, with Lawrence currently in the middle of David O€™Russell€™s, Joy, as well as X-Men: Apocalypse lined up behind that. As for the great and grey bearded one, he€™s going to be working with giants on The BFG, as well as that aforementioned Indy film that might be happening. For now, we can only keep an eye on It€™s What I Do, and see how the film develops. Geddit? Photography? Film develops. Ah, forget it.


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