Jessica Chastain Signs Up For Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

chastain6001 Anticipation for 'the next Christopher Nolan film' is usually at fever pitch by the time casting news begins to roll in, but fans have even more cause to expect greatness on the back of Nolan's lastest casting announcement. Having already put pen to paper with man-of-the-moment Matthew McConaughey and recent Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway, Deadline are now reporting that two-time Academy Award-nominee Jessica Chastain is set to join the cast as the film's third lead. A wealth of talent though this already is turning out to be, what's even more interesting is that Nolan is yet to cast one of his 'regulars'. One can only assume that Michael Caine will feature somewhere, but perhaps he's been deemed too old for space/time travel? And perhaps Marion Cotillard's last outing in a Nolan film was just too flat to warrant a recast in his next surefire hit? Personally, I think Cillian Murphy would be an outstanding addition in a supporting role, having already proved himself to be a favourite of the director's, featuring in all three Batman films as well as Inception (where he gave what will forever be an entirely underrated performance). Ken Watanabe would furthermore be an ideal man to turn to, even if only to round off what you would presume to be an international cast. We are dealing with cross-dimensional sci-fi, after all. Based on the wormhole theories of renowned physicist Kip Thorne, Interstellar will be written by Christopher Nolan and his brother, Jonathan. It will also feature Hoyte Van Hoytema behind the camera, marking Nolan's first major studio film without Wally Pfister in the DOP role. Van Hoytema was BAFTA nominated for his work on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, having also shot The Fighter and Let The Right One In. Interstellar is due for release through Warner Bros and Syncopy on November 7th, 2014
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