Jim Broadbent in Indiana Jones and the City of Gods?

jimprof1b.jpgI'm quite confident that Indiana Jones IV is going to be called Indiana Jones and The City of Gods, so that is how it shall be known from here on in. AICN have got themselves a nice juicy rumor. You know sometimes when you hear a rumor you know instantly that it's true? That's the feeling I'm getting with this one. The following comes from an email sent to their site...
You don't know me, but I thought I would drop you a line to tell you that I heard Jim Broadbent confirm that he is in Indiana Jones IV. He is essentially playing the Denholm Elliott part - not actually Marcus Brody - but the same kind of character in the story.
Yeah that sounds like it's true bit of casting. He's certainly no Denholm Elliott but Elliott totally owned that role in 80's. Jim Broadbent has great comedic timing and was superb in Hot Fuzz... you know exactly what your buying when you hire Jim and he delivers every time. I'm still pissed they won't be bringing back John Rhys Davies as Sallah (looks like Ray Winstone will be doing that type of role) and there's still been no confirmation of Karen Allen's return although it was confirmed over the weekend that John Williams would be returning to score the movie's soundtrack.

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